Lauren Brutscher

Lauren Brutscher, Ph.D. Microbiology

Advisors: Dr. Michelle Flenniken and Dr. Carl Yeoman

Dissertation: Insect-Microbe Interactions: Honey Bee Antiviral Defense and Wheat Stem Sawfly Microbiome

Future Plans: Lauren is finishing research in Dr. Flenniken's laboratory and will soon join U.C. Davis California for her Postdoc.


  1. Brutscher, L. M., Daughenbaugh, K. F. & Flenniken, M. L. Antiviral defense mechanisms in honey bees. Curr. Opin. Insect Sci. 2, 1–12 (2015).
  2. Brutscher, L. M. & Flenniken, M. L. RNAi and Antiviral Defense in the Honey Bee. J. Immunol. Res. 2015, 1–10 (2015).
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Sarah Mailhiot, Ph.D. Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Ron June

Dissertation: Diffusion and Diffusive Exchange are Sensitive to the Structure of Cartilage as Measured by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Future Plans: Sarah is currently finishing research in Dr. June's laboratory and will travel to Sweden for a Postdoc in Physical Chemistry.


  1. Mailhiot SE, Zignego DL, Prigge JR, Wardwell ER, Schmidt EE, June RK (2015) Non-Invasive Quantification of Cartilage Using a Novel In Vivo Bioluminescent Reporter Mouse. PLoS ONE 10(7)
  2. Mailhiot, S. E., Williamson, N. H., Brown, J. R., Seymour, J. D., Codd, S. L., & June, R. K. (2017). T 1–T 2 Correlation and Biopolymer Diffusion Within Human Osteoarthritic Cartilage Measured with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Applied Magnetic Resonance, 48(4), 407–422.

Photo credit Kelly Gorham

Sarah Ohlen, Ph.D. Neuroscience

Advisor: Dr. Frances Lefcort

Dissertation: Determining Function of The Ikap Protein in the Peripheral Nervous System for Targeted Therapeutic Intervention in Familial Dysautonomia.

Future Plans: Sarah is currently finishing research in Dr. Lefcort's laboratory.


  1. Ohlen, S. B., Russell, M. L., Brownstein, M. J., & Lefcort, F. (2017). BGP-15 prevents the death of neurons in a mouse model of familial dysautonomia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(19), 5035–5040. 
  2. Lefcort, F., Mergy, M., Ohlen, S. B., Ueki, Y., & George, L. (2017). Animal and cellular models of familial dysautonomia. Clinical Autonomic Research, 27(4), 235–243.


katie davis

Katie Davis, Ph.D. Engineering

Advisors: Dr. Robin Gerlach and Dr. Mathew Fields

Dissertation: Organic Amendments for Enhancing Microbial Coalbed Methane Production

Publications: Barnhart, E. P., Davis, K. J., Varonka, M., Orem, W., Cunningham, A. B., Ramsay, B. D., & Fields, M. W. (2017). International Journal of Coal Geology. International Journal of Coal Geology, 171(C), 69–75. 

Future Plans: Katie is finishing up her research and currently looking for postdoc positions.